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Welcome to my Portfolio

Here is a small collection of my recent work & and some of my favourite designs from over the last 10 years of Richie Design.

Oakfired at Royal Oak
> Logo / Branding, Marketing Materials, Responsive Website design.
Deerheart Collective
> Responsive Website design.
Dan Gold
> Website design, Banner Design, Facebook Page Design, Big Cartel Design.
The Invisible Band
> Responsive Website Design, Flyer Design, Roller Banner Design.
Fire Global Media
> Responsive Website Design.
Begin The Party
> Logo / Branding, Website, Social Design, Marketing Materials.
> Social & Digital Marketing, Marketing Materials, Social Design.
Matthew P
> Digipak CD Design, Poster Design, Flyer Design.
Warner Music Group
> Various Artist Websites, Email Templates.
Jack Pescod
> Responsive Website Design.
The Austin Beats
> Website Design, Roller Banner Design, Flyer Design.
Focus Organic
> Website, Leaflet, Business Cards, Marketing Materials.
Feed The Rhino
> Tumblr Website Design, Custom Facebook & Social Media Design.
Veraf Clothing
> Logo Design, Look Book Design, Marketing Materials.
Submerged Music
> Tumblr Web Design, Big Cartel Design, Digipak Design, Social Design.
The Verbal Villain
> Book Cover Design, Website Design, Social Marketing, Advert Design.
50 Shades of Grey Dating
> Social Marketing, Social Media Design, Advert Design.
Jordan Bracewell
> Website Design, CD Cover Design, Social Media Design.
> Flyer & Poster Design, Social Media Design.
Aldeburgh Seaside Cottages
> Responsive Website Design, Logo / Branding.
Wren River Interiors
> Website Design.
Vanessa Tuna
> CD Cover Designs, Social Media Design, Website Design.
No Struggle No Progress
> Big Cartel Design, Tumblr Website Design & Business Cards.
> Responsive Website Design, Logo / Branding.
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